Keep It Happening In 2016: Tips for Making Your E-Brand Work for You

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You are a rock star! You just achieved a major career goal: you just landed the job of your dreams or found the means to start your own business. All that e-branding bore its fruit and now you are ready to give everything you have to make your new career stage a huge success. Didn’t we say it? Rock Star!  But will you always be at this point? What happens when it’s time for the next stage? Sooner or later, you’ll reach the next cross roads in your career path. What then?

Defining your brand and prioritizing your values – facing yourself in the mirror, your agenda, your wants, your dreams, your goals – are not easy tasks. Perhaps this is why most of the people who come to me for advice are facing a major change in their lives. Starting a business for the very first time, switching careers, some mid-life crisis. It’s a complex phase, involving a lot of self-digging, doubts, dreams and hopes. Yet this wind of change is also a strong motivator. It’s a time where you look for new answers, try new tactics and are willing to step out of your comfort zone. If you are already in that state of mind, the process of taking control over your brand is much easier.

Eventually, though, that wind calms down. A goal has been achieved, a new path has been found, the change was made. You no longer search for the next thing, and your new reality fills all your time. It’s a system overload, and it leads you to neglect your personal brand. That very same brand that brought you to your goal.

This is actually a pitfall.

Your value proposition and your audience did not change, even though – with your new path – you feel like everything has changed. Don’t make the common mistake of forgetting about your brand at this point. Your system should be alerting you to switch from defining to maintaining your brand.

Maintaining mode enables the next change, even before you know what or when that next change will be.  It’s a more natural growth of your  e-brand, and it saves you the need to re-define and re-establish your e-brand once you are ready for a new change.

Here are three tips of how to activate your “maintenance mode”:

  1. Routine: make it part of your schedule, do it on a daily basis.
  2. Power-of-Three: find the right person or persons who will motivate you and provide feedback.
  3. Evaluation: from time to time take a break from your routine to re-think what you want to say to your audience and how you want to say it.

To learn more about the how-to, stay tuned to my next post…

In the meantime, good luck!

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